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SOLRENTAL is an innovative company that brings you an ambitious and dynamic project, capable of promoting your property in a market of millions of people in order to substantially increase the profitability of your property, through a short term rental arrangement.

By entering into a partnership with SOLRENTAL, and making your property available through our site, you will benefit from our experience and all the technical resources at our disposal, in addition to customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while allowing you to continue enjoying your property whenever you want.


SOLRENTAL does not ask for exclusivity in the marketing of your property. It simply proposes to make it available on the market, for whatever periods of time the owner decides.

If you have already made your property available to rent on the market, on other sites or on your own behalf, you will only have to manage the availability and prices on the page reserved for your property on our website.

So, after joining our project, you just have to decide which weeks you want to rent and the prices you want to charge.

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